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Facts & Tips
•Keep hydrated. Water helps clean the bad breath causing bacteria in you mouth and stimulates saliva, which fights bad breath.

•Swish around some green tea before swallowing to wipe out the germs that cause bad breath. Brewed tea works best, but Arizona iced tea and others with green tea do have some positive effect. Save money and brew your own iced teas.

•Chew parsley to kill bad breath

•Brushing your tongue also cleans away bad breath bacteria.

•Use non-alcohol mouthwash with zinc to kill bas breath.

•Coffee contributes to dry mouth, a sure precursor to bad breath

•Take care of dental problems to help stop chronic bad breath. Tooth decay and gum problems cause a sulfur build up that cause bad breath. 

•Brush your teeth often and well, removing all food particles. Don’t forget the tongue, roof of mouth and gums & cheeks.

•Saliva is a natural bad breath eliminator. If you get dry mouth for any reason drink water and stimulate saliva flow. One reason for morning bad breath is the lack of saliva production at night. It is easily cured by brushing and flossing.

•Chewing sugar free gum helps clean teeth and stimulate saliva production to prevent bad breath.

•Snack on carrots, mint, lettuce or parsley to clean away bad breath

•When your body burns more fat than carbohydrates it produces ketones. These often lead to severe bad breath, or halitosis. Dieters on a high protein -low carb diet, diabetics and bodybuilders often produce greater numbers of ketones.

•Breath fresheners have only a temporary masking effect for bad breath. They do not treat the source of the problem.

•Nasal drip can cause a foul odor at the back of the mouth.

•Toothpastes with peroxide or baking soda work best to fight bad breath.

•Acidic foods cause some people to have bad breath. Acidic foods help bacteria reproduce in the mouth and stomach. Indigestion is also a possible cause.

•If proper hygiene, hydration, etc does not stop consistent bad breath the dentist may refer you to a medical practitioner for blood tests or other evaluations to determine a medical underlying cause.

•High protein foods cause sulfur to grow at a faster rate, leading to bad breath. Milk & milk products and fish tend to be the leading sources for this.

•The shape or texture of your tongue can determine if you are more likely than another to have bad breath. For example, if you have a rougher tongue than another person, you are more likely to develop bad breath because there are more places on your tongue for bacteria to hide.

•Methamphetamine use leads to persistent bad breath. No amount of brushing, mouthwash or breath fresheners will hide it. Another sign of drug use is very dry cracked lips, nose bleeds because of dry nostrils and symptoms of sinus as this drug can be smoked or snorted. The person using this drug looses appetite to the point of becoming anorexic. Insomnia or not being able to sleep, overly anxious, aggressive, a nervous nature and chattering incessantly along with an overall hyperactive attitude are all signs of the use of this drug.

•People don’t wlways realize they have chronic bad breath. Try offering them a mint or chewing gum. If it persists for a period, do them a favor and gently just tell them. Offer them a few tips from this site to help.

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Bad Breath Solutions
•Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth from drying and to stimulate saliva production. Saliva kills bacteria because of its alkaline nature. Bacteria cannot live in an alkaline environment.

•Acidophilus is rich in live cultures as are abundant in yogurt. It balances the bacteria in your stomach and intestines, reducing bad breath.

•Vitamin C aids in healthy gums. Poor gum health can lead to persistent bad breath, so get plenty of vitamin C to help promote good oral health.

•Chlorophyll is the thing that keeps plants green and is found in abundance in parsley. A diet high in plant-based foods, especially green foods will naturally suppress bad breath. Chew on parsley for a natural breath freshener. Avocado is also effective

•A diet high in fruits and vegetables is high in fiber and provides plenty of natural enzymes to cleanse the mouth of bad breath bacteria.

•Eating large amounts of meats absorbs a lot of bacteria into the bloodstream which eventually pass to the lungs as is exhaled as bad breath. Instead, eat more fiber from brown rice, peas, dried beans, prunes, oats and wheat products.